Accounting & Tax Practices

Need an accountant for your business?  Save
on the costs of hiring internally and focus on growing your business.
 We offer scalable, cost saving professional accounting services.
【 Our services include】

・Monthly Bookkeeping
・Accounting and Tax 
・Year end Tax adjustments
・Yearly  Closing / Corporate tax filing / Monthly / Quarterly
/ Consolidations
・Corporate Tax Returns
・Initial Tax Enrollment procedures
・Cost Accounting
・Managerial Accounting

Payroll & Social Insurance Services

Social Insurance・Labor Insurance and payroll procedures can be time consuming and
complex. Let our Certified Social Insurance and Labor Specialist take care of the process. Our services include: 

・Payroll calculations
・Social Insurance Procedures (Health, Pension, Nursing, Childcare)
・Labor Insurance Procedures (Unemployment Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance)
・HR consulting, workplace consulting
・Initial registration & Enrollment of new employees
・Assistance with Admission/ Withdrawals from the benefits program
・Applications for government subsidies
・Consultations on workplace labor compliance

Legal Practices

Our in-house lawyers offer both corporate and individual  legal services including:

・Corporate Law Suites
・Corporate Legal Risk Management
・Corporate Restructuring Support /Acquisitions
・Labor Issues & conflict correspondence
・Fund Financial Instruments and Exchange Law related services
・Certifying and creation of Legal documents

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