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The Investor/Business Manager Visa is a visa for persons who intend to invest in or operate a business in Japan. Let our experts handle your visa application while you focus on running your business. 

 Preparation for the Business Investor Visa

The Investor/business Manage visa is a visa for persons who will start a business or operate the business in Japan and can vary in stay from 1 to 3 years. If you have already entered Japan under a short term visa (ex: tourist visa) or are under a different activity restricted visa, you can get started during your stay in Japan.

Procedures for the investor/business manager visa for a new company  include: Selecting an office (virtual offices are not usually accepted in the case of this visa application),incorporating、opening a bank account、contacting suppliers and starting contracts, hiring employees and buying supplies and office furniture.

The incorporation must come before the investor/business manager visa although careful preparations in advance  should be done at the same time or prior to the incorporation procedure.  

Key Points for Successful Investor/ Business Manager Visa Applications

It is crucial for the business  to be in a condition to start operating or to be already in a state of operation by the time the application for the  investor/business manager visa application is submitted.  A sound business plan and evidence to show your ability to run the business is key in acquiring the business investor visa.

We have done many successful investor/business manager visas.   Our policy is to pre-screen candidates before the payment of fees and only proceed with applications with a high probability of success.   We will advise on your case to increase your chances for a smooth, successful application.  Contact us today for a free pre-screening and initial consultation for the business / investor visa.

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